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Sign up and become a Cory Band Tour Champion

Brass Down Under is currently looking to appoint individuals and communities to work with them in promoting this exciting venture.

What are we looking for?

1. Someone who has good local connections in the venues the Band concerts will take place.

2. Prepared to promote and suggest local advertising opportunities, Radio and local papers.

3. Distribute Posters and promotional leaflets

4. Good connection within the Brass and local music communities

We are not looking for huge time commitment, just someone with passion and enthusiasm for Excellence in Brass and someone who wishes to be involved in this exciting venture.

What's in it for me?

We will provide complimentary tickets to all our Cory Ambassadors and acknowledgement in the tour brochure. This will directly link you or your community with this exciting project.

You will also be invited to attend a social event and meet the band during the tour.

Interested? Please contact Kevin Dallas - kevin@brassdowunder.com.au - or Phil Wilson - phil@brassdowunder.com.au with details of why you would be a good ambassador.


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